Friday, May 20, 2011

Going back to Ohio

Back in February, we made our first trip to Ohio since James was born. Because he was born early, we didn't travel for the holidays. But, we went to Columbus on President's Day weekend so James could meet more family members and make his first trip to the Buckeye State.

Jack got to reconnect with his cousins Ethan and Mike. They always have such a great time together. We really wish they could see each other more often.

And James got to meet Aunt Karin, Uncle Dave, Aunt Pam and Nana for the first time. As always, Aunt Pam lived up to her reputation as the "baby whisperer."

James also met cousins Ethan and Mike. Mike seemed okay with giving up his spot as baby of the family.

The weekend was over too soon, but we're hoping to make another trip out this summer!