Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merry Christmas, Jack Buening

This year, we were fortunate that our family brought Christmas to DC instead of making our usual trek to Ohio for the holidays. With James still so young - and sick with a cold - on Christmas, we were more than grateful, although we were missing other family members back home.

Like all good things, our guests arrived in threes. Grandpa Bill and Alice were the first to arrive the weekend before Christmas. They stopped through on their way to Ohio. They brought lots of great gifts and it was great to see them. Grandpa also brought a picture of himself when he was a baby, and he looked a lot like James! We'll have to post that on the blog soon.

Grandma Boop and Poppy came next bringing more gifts for Jack and James to open. Despite a rough start with James' cold (earning us a night in the hospital), we had a great visit with them too. We celebrated with a delicious dinner cooked by Niki and Nick, although Poppy was missing the traditional Christmas breakfast. We should have made it Christmas "brinner." Grandma also took good care of us with her home cooking and by helping out so much around the house - the best Christmas gift we could ask for!

Finally came Nonni and Grandpa bringing even more gifts from family in Ohio. Their visit was special because Grandpa hadn't met James yet! It was great to see them and we hope to visit the family we missed very soon.

Many thanks to our family for making this Christmas - James' first - a special one. Of course, Jack now thinks that Christmas is a weeklong gift extravaganza. But, he actually really enjoyed Christmas this year. He was interested in all things Christmas - Santa, reindeer, elves - but he was especially into Christmas music. He learned and sang many Christmas carols for us this year, with Rudolph and Jingle Bells as favorites. He also really enjoyed his Christmas-themed books, particularly "Merry Christmas, Curious George." He liked it so much that he started saying, "Merry Christmas, Jack Buening" after reading it! We hope that Christmas will stay magical for Jack and James for years to come.