Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Fun Part II - Biggest Block Party Ever!

For the third year in a row, our stretch of Kennedy Street has hosted a block party in June (I realize that was several months ago now...). The first year, we had a good turnout from our block and a few friends too. By the second year, we realized we needed to invite more people to eat all of the good food our neighbors make for the party. This year, while we were missing friends and neighbors who've moved away, we ended up having the biggest block party ever!

We've made a lot of new friends in the neighborhood this summer and gotten to know others a lot better, which made for a great crowd. We had a kiddie pool for swimming, a supersize moon bounce, and face painting courtesy of neighbor Erica.

For fun and games, we had a water balloon toss (that quickly turned into a water balloon fight) and "cornhole," an import from Ohio known as a bean bag toss everywhere else. We even had a TV set up outside to watch USA play in the World Cup.

We're already planning the next one!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Fun - Part I

It's been so hot here it feels like it's been summer for months. We kicked off the summer fun this year with a visit from Grandma and Poppy. We gave them a break from working on our house (for once!) and we toured around the monuments downtown.

We followed up with a visit to Ohio a few weeks later for Memorial Day weekend. Grandpa Bill hosted a cookout on Saturday and Grandma and Poppy hosted one on Sunday. It was great to see everyone... and to share the big news that Jack is going to be a big brother this fall. Jack announced the news himself with a t-shirt, which he read aloud on demand: "Big Brother...TO BE!" We're excited about the new addition and will keep you all updated.