Sunday, March 7, 2010

When Jack Met Ellie...

Actually, it started when Michael met Jeff... in the alley while taking out the trash back in 2007. We had been living in Warwick Village for about two years, and it turns out, so had Jeff and his wife Kathleen. They had moved to the Village from Glover Park in DC, and as you know, so had we. We were expecting our first baby that summer, and it turns out, so were they. As excited (and nervous) new parents-to-be, we started hanging out and awaiting our bundles of joy together.

Although Kathleen was due earlier than me, Jack came first that summer. In fact, he and Ellie nearly swapped due dates. She was due on June 28th and Jack was due on July 7th. Although I really wanted Jack to be born on 7/7/07, I didn't complain when he came two weeks early on June 26th. Kathleen had to wait it out a few more (long) weeks, but Ellie finally arrived on the 7th!

It was a long hot summer, but it was great to have another couple to share the ups and downs of parenting newborns with. Ellie was a superstar from the start. Like many girls, Ellie was ahead of most boys - Jack included - on just about everything - eating, sleeping through the night, crawling, walking. When we weren't jealous, we were happy to have good friends to share the worries and triumphs of new parenthood with us.

Through the years, Jack and Ellie have grown into toddlers, and new babies have joined the block. We're sad to see Ellie and her family move this weekend, but we wish them all the best on their new adventure in Thailand!