Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's the time of the season for toddlers

From The Return of Mr. October
We're in the final week of October and, looking back on some of the pictures we took, I realize that this was a very active month for Jack. I was putting together a big album for this post and watching the last final innings of the Phillies winning the World Series when I realized I already had "Mr. October" album from last year. That was a "whoa" moment for me. Time sure does fly. Here's a couple of shots of Jack and his buddy, Alex, then and now.

From Mr. October
From The Return of Mr. October
At this point, Jack has advanced from walking to a funny little run. This causes some moments of mom and dad holding their breath because, inevitably, the boy trips. But he's getting better about catching himself and popping back up. The boy just doesn't want to slow down! I already miss the early days of walking where he held his arms up in the air for balance.

We're always amazed at how much Jack understands in his books and conversation. He points out all kinds of things he recognizes and is making new connections. He also takes direction (when it suits his mood.) It's a lot of fun to watch him develop.

The album below covers a lot of ground. There's photos from Sonja's 1-year birthday, which spanned our backyard as well as Danna and Sanjay's. We had a lot of little ones out on a beautiful day early in the month. Then there are a few pics from a Block Party we had to celebrate our neighbors from three doors down getting their citizenship (as well as have an early send-off for Julie and her family as the prepare for her foreign service tour.) Finally, there are pictures from Cox Farms, where Jack and Alex romped around in a pumpkin patch. Coming up in the next post-- Halloween pics!
The Return of Mr. October

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Small, but mighty

A couple of weekends ago, we had a fun little breakfast outing with Josh and Jenn, and their awesomely fun son, Austin. Jack and Austin are old friends (if one can use that expression with a 15-month old) and now that they are both on their feet and moving around, the playground is the place to be.
From The Blue Park
The big discovery at the playground that day was a small car that a little kid in a Spider-Man costume brought but abandoned while he was on the equipment. Jack grabbed the car and had it for about 30 minutes (I gratefully thanked Spider-Man's dad for the loaner.) Our industrious son spent that time pushing the car around. I'm not sure why it didn't occur to him to get in the car, but hey, he was having fun. Austin enjoyed it, too.

Click the album for more pics from the park.
The Blue Park