Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day in Ohio

From Memorial Day 09

Last weekend, we traveled to Ohio to visit Grandma and Poppy for Memorial Day. It was the last flight Jack could fly for free since we've got to start paying for him when he turns two next month. Jack was a prince during the plane ride (not so much in the security line).  He loves all types of vehicles these days, including airplanes.  The whole ride to the airport, through security, and to our gate, Jack just kept saying "airplane, airplane, airplane!"  He was downright ecstatic watching airplanes take off and land from the window of our airplane while we waited to take off.     

The fun continued when we got to Grandma and Poppy's house.  We had a full house with Amy, Jacob, Sam, and Gavynn visiting from Rhode Island too.  They hadn't seen him since Christmas, so Jack enjoyed showing off all his new tricks. Lately, he's been trying to say everyone's names like "Aunt Ni."  He didn't quite figure out how to say Poppy while we were there, but he still can't stop talking about "Grandma Boop."  Amy's kids, Sam and Gavynn, have been calling my mom Grandma Boop for awhile - a reference to her liking Betty Boop.  Jack thought saying Grandma Boop was hilarious, but most of all he liked spending some quality time with his Grandma.
Grandma and Poppy put on a great party for the family on Saturday in their big backyard.  Jack had a lot of fun running around their acre-plus lot and it was nice to see everyone.  Other highlights of the weekend include hitting the playground at the beach at Lakeview Park and driving by Lorain High, scheduled to be torn down later this summer.  Jack also got a trim from his favorite barber Joe, who gave him his first haircut last Labor Day.  We also had a run-in with Lorain's finest ("How fast were we going, officer?), but luckily we know a guy...

Enjoy the pics from the weekend below.  We also added some pics from a recent trip to the zoo, Jack's first, with Alex and Matt a few weekends ago in DC.

Memorial Day 09