Sunday, February 14, 2010


From Snow!

When I moved to Washington DC almost twelve years ago, I actually donated my parka to Goodwill because it didn’t get nearly cold enough to use it. Well, I definitely could have used it this winter! Since December, we’ve had three major snowstorms, bringing us nearly 60 inches of snow total this winter. The last two came within a week of each other, snowing us in for days on end.

From Snow!

Luckily, we have great friends in the neighborhood who kept us warm with hospitality, not to mention great food and wine. The block also banded together to keep our sidewalks and service drive clear and our cars dug out of the snow. Here are some pics, mostly of the first major storm in December.


Thursday, February 11, 2010


This year, we unexpectedly found ourselves at home for Christmas instead of Ohio. But, Jack’s grandparents did their best to bring Christmas to DC. Grandma “Boop” came first bringing lots and lots of gifts and Grandpa Bill sent a big box too. The pile under the tree Christmas morning was huge; it took Jack almost two hours to open them all. He did draw it out by playing with each gift for about 15 minutes before opening the next one. We think this is probably the first and last year he’ll be so deliberate opening his gifts.

From Christmas 2009

About halfway through the gift-opening extravaganza, Jack sat on one of his presents and declared “I WANT THE CHRISTMAS!” Needless to say, he was ready for more. The next day, Jack said, “WANT MORE SANTA!” Luckily for him, Nonni and Grandpa were on their way with more presents for Jack.

From Christmas 2009

Enjoy these pics of Jack opening presents – and many thanks to all who sent gifts. Jack had a wonderful Christmas!