Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hoppy Easter

From Easter 2010

This year, we made a trip to Columbus to spend Easter with the Buening family. Jack had a great time reconnecting with his cousins Ethan and Mike, who he hadn't seen since Thanksgiving. They caught up in no time though.

We had great weather all weekend, and we spent as much time as possible outside. At Karin and Dave's house, the boys had great fun going on bike rides and playing on the swing set out back.

On Saturday, we started the day with a trip to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Although we live in the nation's capital, I have to admit that the Columbus Zoo is way better than the National Zoo, which I used to think was pretty nice! The boys had a great time together. Jack was really into his cousin Ethan especially. He followed him everywhere, and when he couldn't find him, he asked "Where's E-tan?"

Later that day, we drove down to Cincinnati where Nana hosted Easter dinner and the annual egg hunt. The little boys were definitely more into it this year, although Jack didn't really get interested until we started cheering for each egg he found. We also celebrated birthdays for Grandpa, Aunt Karin, and Little Mike.

Back in Columbus on Saturday night, Ethan taught us to play Rock Band on the Wii after the little boys went to bed, although we didn't get any photographic evidence. It was really fun though! The weekend ended with a second Easter egg hunt on Sunday before we headed back to DC. Thanks for hosting a great weekend Karin and Dave!

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's so hard to say goodbye

Our dear neighbors and friends, Danna and Sanjay and their kids, are moving back to Montana this week. After more than five years together, it is hard to know what to say or where to start, so we'll start at beginning (but keep it short!).

Back in 2004, Michael and I bought our first house in Warwick Village. As a long-time rental, it was the kind of house you had to see the "potential" in to buy. But, we were so proud of our little house that we couldn't wait to move in. Driving by one day before our closing date, we met our neighbor-to-be Danna. She saw us peeking in the windows of our soon-to-be house and let us walk around hers so we could envision where our furniture might go. She also gave us the scoop on the other neighbors, who would come to be our "urban family" over the next five years.

We spent the next two years fixing up 34 Kennedy Street. When we weren't at Home Depot, we were hanging out with our new neighbors and friends on the front porch (also a DIY project). For years now, many a summer evening after work has been spent drinking wine and eating cheese in good company on our porch. And while it is hard to remember now, before Jack and Sonja joined us on Kennedy Street, there was Zane and Erica.

We had great fun watching Zane and Erica grow over those first two years while we were still "nesting." By our third summer in the Village, Jack came along. Always a good neighbor, Danna had Sonja three months later, an instant playmate for Jack.

Over the years, its has been so special to watch our kids grow alongside each other here on Kennedy Street. From pool parties to birthday parties to just hanging out, there was always an impromptu playdate right out our front door.

We can't believe we actually have to say goodbye this week, but we wish Danna, Sanjay, Zane and Sonja all the best on their new adventure in Montana. When can we visit?