Saturday, April 18, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Toddlers

In the last three months, Jack has gone from saying two words ("no" and "more") to saying two-word phrases ("no way") to trying to repeat nearly everything we say.  This means we have to be much more careful about our choice of words these days!  Jack's vocabulary has grown so much that we can no longer keep count of all his new words - although many still probably only make sense to us.  He tends to shorten his words to one syllable ("app" for "apple") although he has tried a few multi-syllable words lately ("wa-mel" for "watermelon" and "tatpill" for "caterpillar").  He's also getting better with using his words to tell us what he wants like "watch show" when he wants to watch Baby Einstein (He really loves that "tatpill" at the beginning!). Sometimes, we think he might be mocking us like when he yells "sit down" while standing precariously on the couch or yelling "no no" while drawing on the wall with a blue marker.  He clearly knows what we would say in the situation, but it doesn't seem to stop him! 

Still a voracious reader, we're starting to understand just how much Jack knows about his books.  He can name pictures out loud now; he actually tried to say "Mater Tow Truck" and "McQueen" today in his Cars book.  He also seems to know the first word on each page of many of his books.  If you don't keep reading fast enough, he will say the first word for you to get you started.  He also likes to fill in the words while you read.  Jack said his first full sentence last week while reading a Mercer Mayer book - a gift from Aunt Pam when he was born.  I read: "I wanted to keep some frogs in the bathtub, but Mom wouldn't let me." To which Jack correctly answered: "I so mad" minus the "was."  It's become his new catchphrase (along with "no way") and we hear him saying it on his own now.   This would be the sentence that our independent-minded son picked up from this book!         

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter in DC

Last weekend, the whole Buening family came to DC to celebrate Easter.  There were 14 of us total spanning in age from 1 to 93!  Aunt Lynne was the ultimate hostess.  Most of the clan stayed at her house where she served up amazing food and fun all weekend long.  

Nonnie and Grandpa stayed at our house - and helped us get the place ready for Nana's first visit to the place on Sunday. We're grateful for the help hanging pictures and curtains that have been waiting to go up for longer than we'd like to admit.

Highlights from the trip include a guided driving tour of DC chauffeured by Michael to see the monuments downtown.  Our guests missed the cherry blossoms by a week, but they enjoyed the tour anyway.   The (not-so) young parents - Michael, Jen, Karin and Dave - also enjoyed a night out at a DC hotspot in Dupont Circle where we joined Niki and her posse to celebrate her birthday.  

The big highlight though was the Easter egg hunt at our house on Sunday.  Michael hid 72 eggs in the backyard, each one filled with loose change by Aunt Lynne (ranging from 13-cents to $1). Sanjay hid some decorated eggs in their yard too and we opened the gates for a two-yard egg-stravaganza.  Ethan and Zane led the way while the little kids - Jack, Mike, Sonja and Ellie - mostly toddled around the yard. Between them, they found most of the eggs in short order, but there were still a few cleverly-hidden ones that required a helpful hint.

The Easter Bunny also stopped by with baskets full of candy for the kids and the adults alike. Thanks Aunt Lynne for letting him know where to find us!  Jack also received an early shipment from the Easter Bunny last week sent by way of Grandma and Poppy in Ohio.

A great weekend was had by all.  Enjoy the pictures by clicking the album link below.   
Easter Weekend in DC