Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Since James came home, he's met many family, friends and neighbors. Among the visitors, the grandmas put in extra time and energy to welcome baby James. Nonni took the first tour of duty, which included driving me back and forth to the hospital every day until James came home from the NICU. By the time he left, we were both really tired of hospital cafeteria food! Once home, Nonni helped us finish all of the preparations we hadn't gotten to yet since James was five weeks early. And, she did all of our laundry! Grandma "Boop" took the next tour. With her trademark home cooking, Grandma kept all of us well-fed and happy. Both grandmas spent just as much time keeping big brother Jack busy, which was much appreciated by his tired parents.

James also had visits from Aunt Niki and Uncle Nick and he met Grandpa Bill and Alice. But the most anticipated meeting was between big brother Jack and baby James. We were more than a little anxious about how Jack would react to James' arrival since he has thoroughly enjoyed his time and attention as our only child for the last three years. We're happy though that Jack seems really interested in his baby brother and wants to hold and help him (with close supervision of course!). Most of the time, Jack is not too jealous and we can tell he can't wait for his brother to get old enough to play with him. Jack can often be heard asking "Baby brother play cars with me?" Soon enough!

Thanks again to all who have visited and brought or sent gifts - especially food!

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